In 2016, we started #ThisIsHealthPsych as an initiative to draw attention to the Health Psychology field and provide education to the public about what health psychologists do!

In 2016, the Society for Health Psychology celebrated our 38th anniversary! On March 8th (3/8 for Division 38), we challenged all health psychologists to post something they did in the role of health psychology, using the hashtag #ThisIsHealthPsych, with the goal of raising public awareness of the wide range of health psychologists’ skills and abilities.

We hope to continue this tradition by highlighting what health psychologists do on every 03/08. Please join us on social media!

Some highlights from previous years:

See the SfHP Student Council’s Twitter Takeover for the 2019 #ThisIsHealthPsych social media challenge!

Today, I helped kids w chronic abd pain understand brain-gut connection, improve sleep, reduce pain, & get back to life  – Jennifer Schurman, ‏@JennSchurmanPhD 
Working on a proposal to examine #PhysicalActivity in youth with IBD – Kristin Schneider, ‏@DrKrisSchneider 
Taught first year doc students about logistic regression today! – Jessee Dietch, ‏@JRDietch 
Promoting pt engagement with Medical ICU and comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation unit teams – Megan Hosey, ‏@DrMeganHoseyPhD 
Kids need an hour of exercise per day -our team helps kids/ parents get moving together! – Jocelyn Carter, ‏@DrJSmithCarter
Today I am investigating how older adults seek health-related information & emotional support -Marni Amsellem, ‏@smartpsychreads 
Today I discussed fear of recurrence with cancer survivors Amber Belcher ‏@AmberJyn  

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