2015 Convention Update

TheHealthPsychologist Society News

123rd Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association

August 6-9, 2015

Teresa E. Fecteau, PhD, Division 38 Program Chair

August 2015 seems far away, but already we are gearing up for next year’s Convention in Toronto! Situated alongside Lake Ontario, Toronto is a bustling hub of commerce and culture. Be sure to get your passports early to enjoy all that this diverse metropolis has to offer.

Planning is underway for another timely and stimulating program that will feature expert presentations on topics such as psychology in integrated care settings, leadership development for psychologists in academic health centers and other health care settings, considerations for training the next generation of psychologists in integrated care settings, and various other offerings that will undoubtedly be of interest to professionals ranging from early career to seasoned expert. Returning for a second year are collaborative offerings with themes that cut across the interests of multiple APA divisions. The themes for 2015 are: (a) Competencies at the Intersections of Diversities; (b) Promises and Pitfalls of Technology; (c) Disparities in Health, Wellness, Justice, and Education; (d) Psychology of Work and Group Dynamics; (e) Emerging Areas of Science, Practice, and Education: Lifelong Training for Psychologists; (f) Violence, Bullying, Victimization, and Trauma; and (g) Embracing Interdisciplinarity: Reaching Out Beyond Psychology. We are working closely with other divisions to develop proposals to highlight important linkages between health psychology and other specializations.

Division 38 is accepting submissions for symposia and posters through December 1, 2014 (note: Division 38 is not accepting proposals for individual papers). Awards will be given for the best student and early career professional submissions; please indicate “student” or “ECP” under the proposal title as applicable. For more information and complete instructions for proposal submission, visit http://www.apa.org/convention/convention-proposals.pdf.

For questions about the Division 38 program for 2015, contact Dr. Teresa Fecteau at apadiv38program2015@gmail.com. General questions about the APA Convention submission process should be directed to the Convention Office (convention@apa.org).