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Annual Convention Preview

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Washington Monument

The Washington Monument, in Washington, DC, site of the 2014 APA Convention, August 7-10, 2014.

Rick LaCaille, PhD

August 7 – 10, 2014, Washington, DC

Greetings from the Program Committee and a sincere thank you to the many Division 38 members who volunteered their time reviewing submissions!

Although August may sound far away (and so much warmer for those of us who have endured this particularly chilly winter), the APA Convention will soon be here. We’re excited about the program and the outstanding health psychology science, practice, and professional development opportunities that it promises to offer.

New this year, APA has allotted time to more systematically encourage cross-divisional collaborative programming. In keeping with the initiative, Division 38 will hold several sessions in collaboration with other divisions, including:

  • Disentangling Race/Ethnicity and SES: Implications for Understanding and Reducing Health Disparities with Division 45 (Ethnic Minority Issues) and the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest, co-chaired by John Ruiz and Cynthia Hudley
  • Innovative Strategies Assessing Patient Outcomes in Integrated Pediatric and Adult Primary Carewith Division 54 (Pediatric Psychology) and the Board of Professional Affairs, chaired by Helen Coons
  • How Psychology Can Reduce Health Disparities through Proactive Smoking Interventions with Division 50 (Addictions Psychology), chaired by Gwendolyn Keita

We’re also looking forward to our co-sponsored symposia programming with some new partners:

  • Consequences and Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome: Where Do We Go from Here? with Division 20 (Adult Development and Aging), chaired by Dawn Wilson
  • Improving Outcomes for the Underserved: The Role of Integrated Primary Care with Division17 (Counseling Psychology), chaired by Nancy Ruddy
  • Navigating Across Borders: Culture and Ethics of International Collaborations with Division 52 (International Psychology), chaired by Sonia Suchday

The Division 38 Councils will be active at the convention this year with the Health Research Council presenting a symposium, co-chaired by Carolyn Tucker and Deborah Fish Ragin, highlighting community-engaged health disparities research. The Early Career Professionals Council will offer a symposium, chaired by Samantha Outcalt, on strategies for becoming a more productive writer. You can look forward to tips for ABPP Certification in Clinical Health Psychology by John Linton and Jared Skillings. We also have excellent symposia planned for a range of topics including patient-centered outcomes research, recent developments in the assessment and treatment of medically complex illnesses, new directions for HIV prevention, and an examination of the relation of emotions to pain, to name just a few of the themes you can anticipate hearing more about.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have a tremendous schedule of invited addresses on timely issues and cutting edge health psychology research. Jane Wardle, a distinguished international scholar from University College London, will discuss how genetic influences on weight operate via behavior and will highlight how understanding these mechanisms will be advantageous in reducing stigma and providing insights into prevention and treatment. James Blumenthal, from Duke University Medical Center, will examine the relationship between depression and coronary heart disease outcomes, and discuss interventions to treat depression in cardiac patients. As part of an ongoing collaboration with the Society of Behavioral Medicine, Dawn Wilson, the current SBM President, will be discussing intervention effectiveness and the “spill over” effects of behavioral health interventions on multiple indices of health, mental health, and social domains across the lifespan. Timothy Smith from the University of Utah will examine conceptual and methodological issues in understanding the link between marital quality and coronary heart disease, and will discuss the implications for future research and for the prevention and management of CHD.

You can look forward to learning more about these and the other programming in future Division 38 and APA communications. We plan to make the full schedule available in April at the Division 38 website. Convention registration and hotel reservation information will be available at We hope you’ll be joining Division 38 and your colleagues in D.C. this year!

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