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Greetings, once again, from the Division 38 Program Committee! It’s hard to believe that August 2015 is just around the corner. We hope you have secured your passports, and are working to reserve a room in Toronto to take advantage of the discounted rates. You definitely don’t want to miss this year’s line-up!

We are extremely excited about our Division 38 program, which will feature cutting edge sessions that will stimulate the minds of students, early career professionals (ECPs), and seasoned experts! With the continued focus on interdivisional collaborative programming this year, we’ve teamed up with “old friends” such as Division 54 (Pediatric Psychology), 12 (Clinical), and 47 (Exercise and Sport Psychology), and are building exciting partnerships with numerous Divisions to offer excellent topics such as: “Internship Preparation Workshop for Rehabilitation, Health, and Neuropsychology Students,” “Effective Consultation with Medical Staff: Considerations for Integrated Healthcare Delivery Models,” “Negotiation Skills and Strategies for Psychology Leaders in Academic Health Centers and Health Systems,” and “Stress as a Key Contributor to Health Disparities in the U.S.” In addition, we have paired with various Divisions to co-list sessions that will offer rich opportunities for learning about issues related to diversity, risk behaviors, the role of social media in health management, and international (health) psychology.

We are especially excited to feature three provoking invited addresses by Dr. Sherry Grace (Current Issues in Depression and Cardiovascular Disease), Dr. A. Janet Tomiyama (Weight Stigma: Psychological, Behavioral, and Health Consequences), and Dr. Sherry Pagoto (Can Health Behavior Go Viral? Leveraging Social Media for Health Behavior Change). In addition, sessions facilitated by our Councils will discuss critical topics such as integrated primary care psychology, integration of technology into clinical care, and providing culturally competent care in our richly diverse settings. If you’re not already on the edge of your seat, sessions targeting professional development (e.g., board certification, negotiation skills), leadership perspectives for Health Psychology, or discussion of science that is critical to engaging in gold-standard care will surely seal the deal! Come join the fun!

See you in Toronto!!

APA Division 38 Program
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August 6-9, 2015

Thursday, August 6
8:00 ‑ 9:50 am Symposium – CE credit*Assessment of Behavioral and Psychosocial Factors in Clinical Health Settings

Co-chairs: Stephanie L. Fitzpatrick, PhD and Ali A. Weinstein, PhD

Speakers: Robert E. McGrath, PhD, Ali A. Weinstein, PhD, Stephanie L. Fitzpatrick, PhD, and Gabriela L.M. Ghisi, PhD

Discussant: Zeeshan Butt, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 206A
10:00 ‑ 10:50 am Invited Address – CE credit*Current Issues in Depression and Cardiovascular Disease

Co-Chairs: Kevin S. Masters, PhD

Speaker: Sherry L. Grace, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 206C
11:00 ‑ 11:50 am 

(Co-listed with Division 36: Psychology of Religion & Spirituality)

SymposiumReligiousness and Spirituality as Predictors of Health and Mortality in People with Serious Illness

Chair: Crystal L. Park, PhD

Speakers: Gail Ironson, PhD, MD, Crystal L. Park, PhD, and Christina Jagielski, MA, MPH

Discussant: Kevin S. Masters, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 205A
11:00 – 12:50 pm 

(Cross Divisional Collaborative Programming)

SymposiumStress as a Key Contributor to Health Disparities in the United States

Co-Chairs: Aric A. Prather, PhD and Elizabeth Brondolo, PhD

Speakers: Kahaema Byer, MS, Elizabeth Brondolo, PhD, Aric A. Prather, PhD, Cindy H. Liu, PhD, and Cheryl Woods Giscombe, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 716B
12:00 ‑ 12:50 pm Conversation HourIntegrated Primary Care Psychology: A New Curriculum for Graduate Programs

Co-Chairs: William Gunn, PhD and Barbara Ward-Zimmerman, PhD

Speakers: Lisa Kearney, PhD, Nancy Ruddy, PhD, Mark Vogel, PhD, Shanda Wells, PsyD

Convention CenterRoom 101
1:00 ‑ 1:50 pm  Invited Address – CE credit*Weight Stigma: Psychological, Behavioral, and Health Consequences

Chair: Aric A. Prather, PhD

Speaker: A. Janet Tomiyama, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 205D
2:00 ‑ 3:50 pm Symposium – CE Credit*Health Psychology Training to Develop Health Service Psychology Blueprint Competencies

Chair: Justin M. Nash, PhD

Speakers: Christina S. Lee, PhD, Justin M. Nash, PhD., and Mark Vogel, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 104D
2:00 ‑ 3:50 pm Symposium – CE credit*Biobehavioral Assessment and Intervention for Complex Medical Illness

Chair: Fred Friedberg, PhD

Speakers: Leonard A. Jason, PhD, Michael Antoni, PhD, Gordon Broderick, PhD, and Fred Friedberg, PhD

Discussant: Susan Maier, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 203B
Friday, August 7
8:00 ‑ 9:50 am 

(Co-listed with Division 12: Clinical Psychology)

Skill Building SessionCE Credit*Combining the Biopsychosocial and CBT Models in Psychological Practice

Co-Chairs/Speakers: Jared L. Skillings, PhD and Kevin D. Arnold, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 206D




8:00 – 9:50 am SymposiumCE Credit*Working Together for Health Equity: Opportunities to Collaborate Across Professions

(Cross Divisional Collaborative Programming)

Chair: Lula Beatty, PhD

Speakers: Arthur L. Burnett, Sr., JD, Daniel Dawes, JD, and Steven Schroeder, MD

Convention CenterRoom 716B
10:00 ‑ 10:50 am SymposiumPsychology, U.S. Health Systems and the Affordable Care Act: Perfect Together?

Chair: William D. Neigher, PhD

Speakers: William D. Neigher, PhD, Chris M. Kirk, PhD, Sharon Johnson-Hakim, PhD, and Ashley Anglin, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 715A
11:00 ‑ 11:50 am Poster Session IBody Image, Obesity/Bariatrics, Pregnancy and Weight, Pain, Health Behavior Promotion, Smoking, Stress Coping, Integrated Care Convention CenterExhibit Halls D & E
12:00 ‑ 12:50 am Exhibit Hour Convention CenterExhibit Halls D & E
1:00 ‑ 3:50 pm APA Plenary Sessions and Presidential Programming Convention Center 
4:00 ‑ 4:50 pm Conversation HourABPP in Clinical Health Psychology: Tips to Make Board Certification as Painless as Possible

Speakers: John C. Linton, PhD and Jared L. Skillings, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 711
5:00 ‑ 5:50 pm 

(Co-listed with Division 35: Psychology of Women and Division 44: Psychological Study of LGBT Issues)

SymposiumTransactional Sex Among Vulnerable Populations

Chair: Leah Floyd, PhD

Speakers: Qiana Brown, DrPH, MPH and Emily Green, MPH

Convention CenterRoom 712
6:00 – 6:50 pm Meet-and-GreetHealth Psychology Training Directors Royal York HotelToronto Room
Saturday, August 8
8:00 ‑ 8:50 am Skill Building SessionLeadership Perspectives Within Academic Health Centers: Demonstrating Psychology’s Value

Chair: Helen L. Coons, PhD

Speakers: John C. Linton, PhD, Susan H. McDaniel, PhD, Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, and Sandra L. Shullman, PhD

Convention CenterConstitution Hall 105
9:00 – 10:50 am SymposiumCE Credit*Innovative Online Psychosocial Interventions in Cancer Care: Turning Virtuality Into Reality

Chair: Karen D. Fergus, PhD

Speakers: Andrew Matthew, PhD, Catherine C. Classen, PhD, Saunia Ahmad, PhD, and Paul Ritvo, PhD

Discussant: Karen D. Fergus, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 104D
9:00 ‑ 10:50 am 

(Cross Divisional Collaborative Programming)


Skill Building SessionNegotiation Skills for Psychology Leaders in Academic Health Centers and Health Systems

Chair: Helen L. Coons, PhD

Speakers: Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, Kathleen S. Brown, PhD, Parinda Khatri, PhD, and Robin Henderson, PsyD

Convention CenterConstitution Hall 105
11:00 ‑ 11:50 am 

(Co-listed with Division 47: Exercise and Sport Psychology)


Invited AddressCE Credit*Can Health Behavior Go Viral? Leveraging Social Media for Health Behavior Change

Chair: Kristin L. Schneider, PhD

Speaker: Sherry L. Pagoto, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 104D
12:00 ‑ 1:50 pm SymposiumCE Credit*Health in the Palm of Your Hand: The Use of Mobile Apps in Mental and Behavioral Health Care

Chair: Kristin L. Schneider, PhD

Speakers: Elizabeth K. Seng, PhD, Vaneeta Sandhu, PsyD, and Travis Lovejoy, PhD, MPH

Discussant: Sherry L. Pagoto, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 104D
12:00 ‑ 1:50 pm Symposium – CE credit*Psychologists as Leaders in Mental and Behavioral Health Care for Older Adults

Chair: Donna Rasin-Waters, PhD

Speakers: Donna Rasin-Waters, PhD, Valerie Abel, PsyD, Jessica Jean Baptiste, MA, and Nicole Reynolds, PsyD

Discussant: Susan H. McDaniel, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 201D
2:00 ‑ 2:50 pm Division 38 Membership MeetingDivision 38 Membership Meeting and Awards

Chair: Kim E. Dixon, PhD, MBA, ABPP

Convention CenterRoom 103A
3:00 – 4:30 pm APA Town Hall Meeting Location to be determined
5:30 ‑ 7:00 pm Division 38 Social Event  The Sultan’s Tent49 Front St. East

Toronto, ON

Sunday, August 9
8:00 ‑ 9:50 am 

(Cross Divisional Collaborative Programming)

SymposiumInternship Prep Workshop for Rehabilitation, Health, and Neuropsychology Students

Chair: Katie E. Eichstaedt, MA and Brad L. Roper, PhD

Speakers: Cady K. Block, PhD, Glenn Curtiss, PhD, Lori B. Waxenberg, PhD, Celiane Rey-Casserly, PhD, Justin M. Nash, PhD, and Brad L. Roper, PhD

Convention CenterConstitution Hall
9:00 ‑ 9:50 am 

(Co-listed with Division 54: Pediatric Psychology)

Conversation HourThe Role of Psychology in Perinatal Palliative Care: Preparing Families to Say “Goodbye” at Birth

Co-Chairs: Joanna C.M. Cole, PhD and Kelsey K. Berger, BS

Convention CenterRoom 802A
10:00 – 10:50 am 

(Co-listed with Division 52: International Psychology)

SymposiumPsychological Care in Cancer in Cuba and the United States: Accessibility, Acceptability, and Approaches

Chair: Lara Traeger, PhD

Speakers: Amanda Kracen, PhD, Felicity W.K. Harper, PhD, and Sandra Soca Lozana, MS

Convention CenterRoom 803A
10:00 ‑ 10:50 am Poster Session IIChronic Illness, Caregiver Stress, Adjustment to Illness, Risk Behaviors, Health Decision Making Convention CenterExhibit Halls D and E
12:00 ‑ 1:50 am SymposiumDeveloping a Roadmap for Cultural Competence in Integrated Care Settings

Chair: Amit A. Shahane, PhD

Speakers: Amit A. Shahane, PhD, Eugene Farber, PhD, and Catherine Shuman, PhD

Discussant: Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD

Convention CenterRoom 717A
 A note about Continuing Education Credit


* = Sessions offering CE credits have been reviewed and approved by the American Psychological Association Office of Continuing Education in Psychology (CEP) and the Continuing Education Committee (CEC) to offer CE credits for psychologists. The CEP Office and the CEC maintain responsibility for the delivery of the programs.