Division 38 Honors Members for Outstanding Research, Practice, Education and Service

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Each year, Division 38 gives awards for outstanding scientific contributions to the field. One goes to a “senior” member (i.e., someone who received her/his terminal degree more than ten years ago); the other goes to an “Early Career” member (i.e., someone who received her/his terminal degree within the past ten years). For 2015, the D38 Awards Committee recognizes Dr. Peter Salovey of Yale University as the Senior award winner, and Dr. Qian Lu of the University of Houston as the Early Career Award winner.

The Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Health Psychology Award is intended to recognize an outstanding commitment to clinical health psychology by a full-time provider of direct clinical services. This year, the recipient is Dr. Mark Vogel of Genesys Regional Medical Center in Burton, MI.

The Award for Outstanding Contributions to Education and Training in Health Psychology was instituted in 2014, in honor of Dr. Cynthia Belar (who was also the first recipient). This year, the Division recognizes Dr. Kevin T. Larkin, of West Virginia University, for his many accomplishments in Education and training.

The award for Career Service to Health Psychology was instituted in 1998, to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to Division 38 and/or the advancement of health psychology as a field, nationally or internationally. In 2008, the award was renamed for Dr. Nate Perry, a founding member and champion for health psychology for three decades. The award is reserved for those whose professional accomplishments exemplify the vision and commitment of its namesake. The Division is confident that Dr. John D. Robinson of Howard University College of Medicine/Hospital is a worthy selection.

All the recipients will be honored at the annual Division Membership Meeting and Awards Ceremony, held in conjunction with the American Psychological Association convention in Toronto (Saturday, August 8, 3:00-3:50 pm, Convention Center Room 103A – immediately following the Presidential Address).

Awards for graduate student research and for outstanding Early Career and Student program submissions will also be presented, and the new Division 38 Fellows and ABPP-certified Clinical Health Psychologists will be announced. Please plan to attend to learn more about all the awardees and their achievements!