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Andrea Bradford, PhD

Andrea Bradford, PhD

Andrea Bradford, PhD

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” -Steve Jobs

At the tender age of 9, I acquired a typewriter. The allure wasn’t so much about the technology itself; I had good enough penmanship and had been handwriting my own “books” for years. But something about that typewriter legitimized my work. It was the tool of a “real” writer, after all. Not long after taking ownership of this prized possession, I decided that my fifth grade classroom needed its own newsletter. So I assembled a couple of eager contributors from among my classmates, and together we produced the first edition of The A130 News (our room number was, of course, A130). An enterprising group of boys, bristling at the all-girl editorial staff at the A130, introduced some competition with their own publication. We countered with a bigger and better second issue. And thus a newsletter editor was born.

I don’t have my own blog or website, so I feel a little like that girl in front of her new typewriter, aware of the power of this new technology but still eager to see it for herself. My sincere hope is the new web-based format for The Health Psychologist will introduce a more searchable, sharable, and “like”-able way to communicate news and announcements from our Division 38 community.

The decision to transition The Health Psychologist to a web-based publication was not made lightly. The general layout and format were selected with the input of our current, past, and future Division 38 Presidents, Publications and Communications Council Chair Alex Rothman, Administrative Officer Barbara Keeton, and Social Media Committee Chair Kristine Diaz. Their support and advice, along with the skill and expertise of Keith Cooke at APA Division Services, have translated the idea for a website into reality.

As you navigate the new website, I’d like to ask a couple of favors of you:

  1. Please send your comments, reactions, and suggestions for improvement (constructive, please!) to us at thehealthpsychologist@gmail.com.
  2. Help promote Division 38 by choosing one article from this issue to share with your colleagues via social media. We’ve tried to make this easy with buttons at the end of each article so that you can like, tweet, or promote our articles easily.

Technology is a tool, and when used the right way it should be working backstage, rather than occupying center stage. Ultimately, the point is to connect our wonderful members and their ideas with one another, hopefully in a way that won’t leave them longing for the days of the typewriter. Thank you for your help in making The Health Psychologist a continued success.

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