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Stephanie Hooker, Chair
Megan Grigsby, Chair-Elect
Patricia Moreno, Past Chair

The Student Council is excited to announce several upcoming events and initiatives!

First, we are very pleased to welcome four new members to Student Advisory Council! Jessica (Jessee) Dietch (Membership), Maisa Ziadni (Communication), KayLoni Olson (Communication), and Amanda Marin (Diversity) will join our existing council members to work on student-oriented initiatives for Division 38.

Our three committees, Membership, Communication, and Diversity, have several projects.

  • Our Membership committee recently completed a student survey designed to gather more information about student members’ needs. The Membership committee hopes to use this information to better serve the needs of Division 38’s student members.
  • Our Diversity committee is developing an interview series of health psychologists who have “diverse jobs.” The goal is to highlight doctoral level health psychologists who hold unique positions across diverse settings on the Division 38 website. This series will provide information to students about various opportunities for health psychologists in the job market. Announcements regarding new postings will be sent via the listserv.
  • Our Communication committee is developing a list of Frequently Asked Questions for students to post on the Division 38 website. If you have a question that you would like asked, please send it to

The Student Council hosted a teleconference on Monday, March 3, entitled, “Taking the Unbeaten Path: Three Perspectives on Non-traditional Careers in Health Psychology.” Three panelists, Dr. Amber Koblitz, Dr. Mark Aloia, and Dr. Brian Juncker, discussed their experiences working for the government, the private sector, and as a consultant for medical teams. All described their paths to their current positions, the challenges of working in their environments, and the rewards of working in a non-traditional career. Nearly one hundred Division 38 members joined us for the teleconference, and overall it was a very successful and informative call! Thank you to our panelists and all who helped organize this event.

In accordance with Division 38 President Kevin Masters’ theme of Inclusion and Engagement, Student Council is starting a new Campus Representative Program to enhance student professional growth. We are actively recruiting a campus representative from each graduate program that has an emphasis or track in health psychology. The student’s primary responsibilities will be to communicate about Division 38’s activities to students and faculty members in his or her program and to coordinate a yearly Division 38 sponsored event (Brown Bag or social event) on campus. We hope this program provides more opportunities for students to get involved in Division 38.

Finally, Student Council has teamed up with APA Divisions 22 (Rehabilitation Psychology) and 40 (Neuropsychology) to host a panel at the 2014 Annual APA Convention in Washington D.C. titled “Professional Development Panel for Students in Rehabilitation Psychology, Health Psychology, and Neuropsychology.” Early and mid-career psychologists will speak about how their experiences in APA Divisions 22, 38, and 40 have informed and guided their career trajectories. Please look for more information as the convention approaches.

As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please let us know your needs or ideas by emailing us at


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