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Volunteers in Medicine

I’m writing to spread the word about a network of free clinics for the medically underserved across the country that has put out a call for our help.

Volunteers in Medicine Clinics (https://volunteersinmedicine.org/) are unique in that they are staffed almost entirely by volunteer health care providers and lay people. The network consists of 92 primary care clinics struggling to meet the dramatic increase in need for psychosocial services.

I have seen patients in-person and over telehealth in these clinics, and it is one of the most gratifying things I have ever done.

Even if you have only a few hours/month to volunteer, these clinics will be eternally grateful to have your help. All you need is a license to practice in your state; you do not need your own malpractice insurance.

Feel free to email me backchannel (barbara.walker@ucdenver.edu) if you have questions or email volunteer@vimamerica.org to register and someone will contact you.