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The Handbook for Health Psychology

Revenson, T. A., & Gurung, R. A. R. (Eds.).(2019).Handbook of health psychology. New York, NY: Routledge

The Handbook for Health Psychology (Edited by Revenson and Gurung, 2019) contains an overview of current knowledge and new directions in the study of the biological, psychological, social, and cultural factors that affect health, health behavior, and illness. Forty chapters review the latest theories and research with an emphasis on how research is translated into behavioral medicine interventions. Authors provide a theoretical foundation; evaluate the empirical evidence; and make suggestions for future research, clinical practice, and policy.


Clinical Health Psychology: Integrating Medical Information for Improved Treatment Outcomes

Wachholtz, A. (2020). Clinical health psychology: Integrating medical information for improved treatment outcomes. Cognella; San Diego.

Clinical Health Psychology: Integrating Medical Information for Improved Treatment Outcomes combines research in medical science, pharmacology, physiology, neuropsychology, and clinical health psychology to provide medically informed approaches to clinical health psychology treatment. Content includes information for mental health professionals such as medical and pharmacological information to select and optimize existing communication approaches and psychological treatments. The chapters are laid out by major systems in the body and address normal physiological function, key disruptions from major illnesses or injuries, and the emotional and cognitive impact of these disruptions.


Cardiovascular implications of stress and depression

Chantler, P. D., & Larkin, K. T. (Eds.) (2020). Cardiovascular implications of stress and depression. London, UK: Academic Press.

Cardiovascular Implications of Stress and Depression examines how exposure to stress influences risk for cardiovascular disease and how depression is associated with this relation. Causal pathways linking stress, depression, and cardiovascular disease are considered regarding how environmental stress could possibly lead to cardiovascular diseases.  Chapters by authorities in the field address mechanistic factors, clinical and epidemiological aspects, animal and human models, and management issues associated with treating stress-related and depressive disorders.


Becoming a Health Psychologist

Revenson, T.A., Saab, P.G., Zoccola, P.M., Traeger L.N. (Eds). (2019). Becoming a health psychologist. New York, NY: Routledge

Becoming a Health Psychologist provides an overview of various training paths students can take to prepare themselves for graduate school and careers in the field of health psychology. Contents of the book include tips on how to prepare for, choose, and apply for graduate programs as well as numerous practical examples such as emails to potential advisors and questions to ask during interviews. Tips are derived from a diverse group of successful students, early career, and senior health psychologists.  



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