SfHP Slate of Candidates Announced 2023


The Nominations and Elections Committee, chaired by Nancy Ruddy, PhD, is pleased to announce the 2023 slate of candidates for elected offices in the Society for Health Psychology:


Andrea M. Bradford, PhD

Candidate Statement:

Since joining the Society for Health Psychology in 2011, I have been called to serve. Over a decade after beginning my involvement in SfHP as a member of the Early Career Professionals Council, I completed a term as Member-at-Large in 2022. I am a past editor of The Health Psychologist, and I led a group tasked with submitting the most recent petition to renew APA’s recognition of clinical health psychology as a specialty in professional psychology. Through these and other activities in SfHP, I have developed wonderful relationships and a strong sense of professional community. I’m honored to be nominated to continue my service in the role of President-Elect.

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, where my time is divided about equally between patient safety research and clinical practice, with a modest amount of time devoted to teaching. I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings and previous served as an associate editor of Archives of Sexual Behavior. Experience in these different roles gives me a strong appreciation for the range of what health psychologists can achieve – and I hope to find new ways to share our contributions with colleagues within and outside of psychology. Further, one of my goals as President would be to carry on the work of previous SfHP leaders who have worked diligently to build a welcoming and inclusive professional pipeline. Thank you for your vote.

Stephanie Fitzpatrick, PhD

Candidate Statement:

We are in a pivotal time in which health psychology can inform best practices to address some of the greatest health-related challenges today – access to healthcare, social and emotional well- being, health equity, climate health, and social justice. To do this successfully, health psychologists need to be versatile in the application of their knowledge and skillsets across various work environments and be able to disseminate their science to diverse audiences. The Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) is primed to support health psychologists at all career stages in this endeavor and I am honored to be nominated for President and have the opportunity
to contribute to this effort.

SfHP has been my professional home since 2006. During this time, I have served as Chair of the Health Research and Health Policy Councils, Program Chair, currently Member-at-Large, and member of the APA Advocacy Coordinating Committee. Through these various roles I have learned that the important work of SfHP does not happen without, YOU, the members. If elected, one of my main priorities will be to work with the Board, SfHP membership, and APA on initiatives to increase engagement and address the research, training, practice, and professional needs of members and soon-to-be members at all career stages and diverse backgrounds. At the foundation of this effort, I will work to ensure we are instituting inclusive and equitable practices and processes so that all members have a voice and opportunity to contribute to the mission of SfHP and expand the reach of health psychology.


Philip Fizur, PhD

Candidate Statement:

I am a licensed clinical psychologist at Cooper University Health Care and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. As lead psychologist for ambulatory mental health services, I provide direct care and oversee psychological training for integrated primary and specialty care. Additionally, I serve as coordinator of our postdoctoral fellowship program, and locally have served as chair of the Pennsylvania and Delaware Directors of Training Consortium (PENDELDOT), an organization formed to support doctoral level psychology practicum training in the area.

While the role of treasurer would mark my first formal service to SfHP I have remained an active member of the society as well as other related divisions and sections of APA. I have served the Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers (Section 8 of Division 12) in several capacities. I have remained our website manager since 2019, overseeing the transition of the website and its content to a new platform that provides greater autonomy in managing content and financial transactions. I also serve as co-chair of the conference planning committee for our 2023 meeting and co-chair of the early career psychologists committee. As treasurer, I would hope to use my experience in the above roles to serve as an excellent steward to the finances of SfHP and all related matters of oversight and reporting. I greatly look forward to the opportunity to serve the society and my fellow members in our efforts to advance the reach and impact of health psychology.

Marquisha R.G. Lee, PhD

Candidate Statement:

I am honored to be nominated for Treasurer-Secretary of SfHP.

I currently work as a clinical director in primary care mental health integration (PCMHI) at the Veteran Affairs North Texas Health Care System. I work with an amazing interdisciplinary team to improve access to mental health care for Veterans, enhance collaboration between mental health and primary care, and supervise doctoral clinical psychology interns completing a rotation in PCMHI and/or cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. I am also an adjunct instructor in the Department of Psychology at North Carolina Central University where I teach online undergraduate abnormal psychology and health psychology courses.

I have been serving as Treasurer/Secretary of SfHP for almost three years, and I would love to continue to serve in this position. During this time, I have grown in my role, learned the inner workings and roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee, and assisted the Committee in fulfilling its mission. If given the chance to serve another term, I would continuously work to help carry out our mission and long-range plans. It is noteworthy that I have previously served on the Membership Committee and Education and Training Council of the SfHP. In addition, I served as Treasurer/Secretary for the American Board of Clinical Health Psychology for almost six years, and I am currently serving as President-elect. I am excited about the opportunity to further grow as a leader by serving a second term as Treasurer/Secretary of the SfHP.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ali A. Weinstein, PhD

Candidate Statement:

It is an honor to be nominated to serve as Member-at-Large for the Society of Health Psychology (SfHP). I have been an active and proud member of SfHP, my professional home, since my time as a graduate student. I was a co-chair of the Student Council while I was a graduate student. I received my PhD in Health Psychology from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and am currently a Professor in the Department of Global and Community Health at George Mason University.

My strong commitment to SfHP is demonstrated in my long-term participation and commitment to the Society. I have been continuously engaged in leadership roles with SfHP since 2011. I was the Secretary for the SfHP Health Research Council from 2011-2013, Vice- Chair from 2013-2017, and I am currently serving as the Chair of that Council (since 2017). In addition, I have been an ad hoc member of the nominations committee, participated in the long-range planning process, and contributed articles to The Health Psychologist E-zine among other activities. I am proud of the various initiatives that the Health Research Council has undertaken in the time that I have served and lead the Council, particularly the addition of graduate student funding on research that specifically addresses health disparities and awards to support student researchers from underrepresented groups.

I hope to have the opportunity to continue my service to the SfHP in the role of Member-at- Large, thank you for your consideration.

Adrienne A. Williams, PhD

Candidate Statement:

It is an honor to run for re-election as Member-at-Large for the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP).

I am an Associate Professor of Clinical Family and Community Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine where I supervise and educate family physicians, psychologists, psychology interns, and LCSWs. Clinically, I specialize in sexuality and gender, focusing on sexual dysfunctions, trauma, and gender-affirming care.

My strong commitment to SfHP as my professional home has included serving as Editor of the Society’s newsletter, The Health Psychologist, Chair of the SfHP Anniversary Task Force, and on the Early Career Psychologists (ECP) Council. Throughout my service, I have sought to increase communication, collaboration, and a sense of community within health psychology. My key initiative on the ECP Council was starting local networking events, and with the help of many volunteers, local Society networking events are now a regular feature of SfHP and have taken place throughout the country. On the newsletter, I worked to increase member involvement and collaboration through several new columns, and successfully increased readership by over 60%. The Anniversary Task Force initiated community activities including the #ThisIsHealthPsych social media challenge, which continues annually. Our work on this Task Force was formally acknowledged with an SfHP Presidential Citation.

If elected, my goal is to further support members by continuing my current MAL work in helping to improve the website and matching members with engagement opportunities. I ask for your vote to continue building lasting programs that serve our members.

Division Representative to APA Council (2024-2026)

Dawn Jewell, PsyD

Candidate Statement:

To represent and voice the values, views, and future of our Society as one of the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) Council Representatives would be a true honor. As an actively engaged member of the SfHP community for over ten years, I am deeply invested in our success.

Through the Early Career Professionals Council, the Anniversary Taskforce, and most recently as the Web Editor-in-Chief, I have worked on initiatives to showcase SfHP at the Annual Convention, to celebrate our Society’s tenure, and promote SfHP content on our website. In 2018, I was privileged to receive the inaugural SfHP Excellence in Clinical Health Psychology by an Early Career Professional Award.

In addition to SfHP, I have served in several roles in the Colorado Psychological Association (CPA) board, including serving as Presidential Advisor in the last presidential term. In CPA and in group practice, we have focused on state-level public policy and advocating for psychologists in guidelines and law. I have had a long-standing interest in advocacy and have felt it is important to represent our profession, especially in communities where we may be overlooked.

Now a mid-career professional, I intend to continue pursuing challenging roles that reflect my interests above. If elected as a council representative, I will bring my passion and desire to learn to work collaboratively with fellow council members. I will ensure that our voices are heard.

Thank you for your consideration.

Amy Williams, PhD

Candidate Statement:

SfHP’s role in APA and nationally is to support and advance Health Psychology in the clinic, research labs, advocacy, and policy. I have been honored to serve this mission as SfHP representative to the APA Council of Representatives (CoR) for the past 3 years – and there is more work to be done! Representing SfHP, with other CoR representatives across all areas of psychology, APA Advocacy and Practice Directorate, and APA leadership I introduced business that was adopted aimed at moving population health into APA policy and advocacy. I also serve as ECP representative in the Council Leadership Team and as Secretary for CoR Health Care/Health Science Caucus. Recognizing the need to engage locally and nationally, I am a member of APA, SfHP, Society of Clinical Psychology, Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers (APAHC), and Michigan Psychological Association (MPA). Throughout my career, I have been involved in APAHC’s Research and Membership Committees, Interprofessional Education and Professional Wellness interest groups, and served as Member-at-Large. In Michigan, I serve as Secretary for MPA and on the MPA Integrated Care Committee, setting forth health-related advocacy issues for MPA. As a clinical health psychologist, I hold multiple clinical, research, and leadership roles that span health care delivery and administration. I am the Director for Physician Well- being within a large health system and develop programs to support our physician workforce. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve SfHP membership on Council for another 3 years. Thank you for your consideration.

Due to the exceptional efforts by members to vote in the recent Apportionment balloting, the Society maintained a third seat on APA Council!

Candidate statements will be published in the Spring issue of The Health Psychologist, and will also be accessible from electronic ballots. Ballots will be issued by the APA Elections Office on/about April 15, and the election will run until May 31. Please plan to vote!!

Many thanks to the Committee for their efforts in assembling the slate of candidates – and to all the candidates, for their willingness to serve the Society.