Nadine Kaslow and Zeeshan Butt

Zeeshan Butt Receives APA Presidential Citation

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Nadine Kaslow and Zeeshan Butt

Nadine Kaslow, PhD, and Zeeshan Butt, PhD

Zeeshan  Butt, PhD was recently honored at the 2014 APA Division Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. with a Presidential Citation from APA President and Division 38 Fellow Nadine Kaslow, PhD. Kaslow praised Butt’s scholarly contributions to the field of clinical health psychology as well as his successful efforts to promote engagement and career development among early career professionals:

“Academically productive and clinically gifted, he has made significant advances in the development and application of patient reported outcomes in the post-surgical context, particularly for individuals following organ donation and transplantation. His scholarship is a model for other early career psychologists in his specialty. In addition to being a dedicated clinician and productive scholar, his leadership as an early career psychologist is noteworthy. In 2010, Dr. Butt was appointed the first Chair of the Division 38 (Health Psychology) Early Career Professionals’ Council (ECPC). Under Dr. Butt’s strong and enthusiastic leadership, the 20+ ECPC members developed a regular newsletter column, a moderated listserv, and a podcast series. His group helped expand the Division’s training/teleconference series and its presence on social media. In addition, Dr. Butt served as an exceptionally effective advocate for ECP involvement in Division governance. Indeed, at the national and local levels, across his numerous professional service roles, Dr. Butt has demonstrated a clear talent for building communities where young professionals can get what they need to launch their careers and hopefully grow and develop as health psychologists. Dr. Butt serves as an exemplar for how to engage early career professionals and connect their work to the larger mission of the APA (both within and beyond the organization).”

Congratulations to Dr. Butt for this well-deserved recognition!

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