Population Health

The culture and demands of primary care are unique. Psychologists making the transition to integrated primary care (IPC) must be able to adopt the primary care culture and adjust to the demands of primary care if they are to effectively integrate into the team. A...

Information Pollution: A Global Threat

Information pollution is the spread of false, misleading, manipulated, and otherwise harmful information. The World Economic Forum considers misinformation and disinformation the biggest short-term risks facing all of us. During this lunch and learn presentation we...

DEI Principles and Practice in Psychology Undergraduate and Graduate Education

This webinar reviews research demonstrating the centrality of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics within Health Psychology curricula; provides sample assignments and activities to weave DEI into Health Psychology syllabi; and discusses strategies for navigating difficult topics with students representing a range of backgrounds and experiences.

Welcome Wednesday: SfHP Leadership

This event provides an introduction/orientation to membership benefits in the Society for Health Psychology. The special topic was leadership in SfHP.