Gender-Affirming Treatment within Pediatric Medical Settings: Obstructing the Pathway to Chronic Stress


Nicholas Powers, M.A. La Salle University, Department of Clinical Psychology It has been well-established that transgender or gender-diverse individuals are at heightened risk of developing negative physical and mental health outcomes (Mason et al., 2021). Despite this, discrimination of this population in medical settings is still ubiquitous in the United States as well as other countries and contributes to the …

Using Self-Compassion to Facilitate Sustainable Health Behavior Change in Cancer Survivorship


Elizabeth L. Kacel, PhD Clinical Health Psychologist Kellogg Cancer Center Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences NorthShore – Edward-Elmhurst Health The American Cancer Society publishes frequently updated guidelines for a cancer-preventing lifestyle (Rock et al., 2020; American Cancer Society, 2020). These include: (1) abstaining from tobacco use, (2) maintaining a healthy weight, (3) engaging in regular physical activity, (4) maintaining …

Wounds That Time Does Not Heal: The Long-Term Health Impact of Trauma


Amber D. Gray, PhD-C, DBH Forensic Research Psychologist, Doctor of Behavioral Health Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp Tabitha M. Chapman, PhD-C, MFT Forensic Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist Professional Clinical Counselor The Freedom Train Project Incorporated Before one discusses the nuances and intricacies of trauma, there must be a basic understanding of what trauma is and how it impacts our …

The GRACE Model: A Practical Framework for Implementing Positive Psychology Interventions in Medical Settings


George Scott, M.S. Axel Ramos-Lucca, M.S., Ph.D. Karla Martínez-Casiano, Ph.D. Liliana Hernandez-Martínez, Psy.D. Javier Hernández-Justiniano, Psy.D. Julio Jiménez-Chávez, M.D. Clinical Psychology Program, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Ponce Health Sciences University. Ponce, Puerto Rico Behavioral Medicine and Neuropsychology Rehabilitation Unit, Damas Hospital. Ponce, Puerto Rico For positive psychology-oriented clinicians embedded in medical settings, there is a perceived mismatch between …

Psychological Treatments for Headache Disorders


Danielle Miro, Ph.D., ABPP Licensed Psychologist, DC Health Psychology Board Certified in Rehabilitation Psychology  In March 2022, the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) hosted a continuing education webinar highlighting evidence-based psychological treatments for headache disorders presented by Drs. Elizabeth Seng, Ethan Benore, and Noah Rosen. This article aims to provide an overview of the presentation and key clinical takeaways.  Did …

Psychologists in Scrubs – Caring for Patients with COVID-19 in the Intensive Care Unit

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Erin L. Hall, PsyDClinical Health PsychologistDepts of Trauma Surgery & Critical CareNeuroscience Institute Geisinger Medical Center Since the late 1990s, researchers and clinicians have become increasingly aware of the fact that the intensive care unit (ICU) is a virtual hotbed for the development of chronic and sometimes intractable cognitive and mental health difficulties.  Delirium, while less pervasive than it once …

Trouble Sleeping

Insomnia Assessment and Treatment is an Essential Competency for Health Psychologists

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Jessee R. Dietch, PhDAssistant ProfessorSchool of Psychological Science, Oregon State University Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders, and its prevalence may be on the rise (Pandey & Phillips, 2015). Insomnia symptoms are experienced by between 30-50% of the general population (Ellis et al., 2012). The prevalence of chronic insomnia, defined by difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, and …

US map with migraine, tension-type, and cluster headache percentages

So You Want Me to See a Health Psychologist? The Role of Psychology in Headache Care

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Amy S. Grinberg, PhD Clinical Health Psychologist Headache Centers of Excellence; Psychology Service VA Connecticut Healthcare System Founder, Ease the Pain Psychology Almost everyone encounters a headache at some point in their life. However, headache disorders, such as migraine, tension-type headache, and cluster headache, are more than “just a headache”. They are complex neurological diseases with commonly associated symptoms including …

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Points of Intervention for Health Psychology Along the Cardiovascular Health Continuum

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Allison J. Carroll, PhD Research Associate Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology (Ce-PIM) for Drug Abuse and HIV Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Dating back to the 1970s, it was observed that patients with cardiovascular disease have higher than expected rates of depression, anxiety, and behavioral concerns (Cassem and Hackett, 1971; Cay et al., …