The SfHP Early Career Podcast, hosted by Andrea Bradford, Ph.D., focuses on issues of interest to early career health psychologists. Episodes feature commentary and interviews with psychologists on a variety of topics. Episodes of the podcast will appear on this page.

The podcast will play on most standard media players including Windows Media Player and iTunes. To download a podcast, simply right-click or control-click on an episode link (below).

Episode 1 + -

Foundations to Future: Roles of Early Career Professionals in SfHP

The first podcast of the series, featuring SfHP President Annette Stanton and Early Career Professionals Council Chair Zeeshan Butt, describes recent and upcoming initiatives to meet the needs of early career members in SfHP.

Early Careers Psychologists Podcast 1 Download MP3

Episode 2 + -

Work-Life Balance for Early Career Professionals

The second podcast of the series features Molly Clark, Ph.D., from the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, who discusses the value of work-life balance and a focus on overall wellness for early career professionals. For a list of references of the evidence base Dr. Clark cites in the podcast, please download the file below.

Early Careers Psychologists Podcast 2 Download MP3
List of References Download File

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