Membership Committee

Our mission is to recruit new members to the Society, as well as to retain current members and facilitate their involvement in the Society.

Membership Committee

We believe that psychologists interested in issues of health benefit from involvement in the Society throughout their careers, and are therefore dedicated to serving our members across the spectrum: from student and early career professionals, to mid-career and senior health psychologists. We welcome involvement and feedback regarding how we can better serve members.


Fellows Committee

The Fellows Committee, a constituent Committee of the Membership Council, reviews all candidates for fellowship status in the Society. In the case of Members being nominated for Fellowship in the Society for Health Psychology, evidence must be presented of unusual and outstanding contributions to the discipline of Health Psychology. All candidates for Fellow must be endorsed by at least one Fellow of the Society. Complete instructions for applying for Fellow status are available here.


Kristin L. Schneider, PhD

Chair, Membership Committee

Erin Tooley, PhD

Associate Chair, Membership Committee

Megan Petrik, PhD, LP

Member, Membership Committee

Ashley Clawson, PhD

Member, Membership Committee

Thomas Borroughs, PhD

Member, Membership Committee

Shannon Nugent, PhD

Member, Membership Comittee

Christine May, PhD

Member, Membership Committee

Marcia Tan, PhD

Diversity Council Liaison to Membership Committee

Jessica Naftaly, MS

Student Liaison to Membership Committee

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