Fall 2015 Issue


President’s Column
Alex Rothman, PhD

From the Editor’s Desk
Andrea Bradford, PhD

Meet the 2016 Society for Health Psychology Executive Committee

Society for Health Psychology 2015 Awardees

Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology by an Early Career Professional
Qian Lu, PhD (introduction by Marjori Kagawa Singer, PhD)

Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology by a Senior Professional
Peter Salovey, PhD (introduction by Jerry Suls, PhD)

Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Health Psychology
Mark Vogel, PhD (introduction by William Gunn Jr., PhD)

Cynthia Belar Award for Outstanding Contributions to Education and Training in Health Psychology
Kevin Larkin, PhD (introduction by Elizabeth Klonoff, PhD, ABPP)

Nathan Perry Career Services Award
John Robinson, PhD (introduction by John Linton, PhD, ABPP)

News from the Society for Health Psychology

New SfHP Fellows and International Affiliates

New ABPP Clinical Health Psychology Specialists

Happy Birthday to 38!

Apportionment: Be the Change You Want to See

Call for Fellows

Call for Award Nominations

Call for Student Research Award Submissions

Member Contributions

Health Policy Corner: Health Behavior Codes
Antonio Puente, PhD

Career Advice from Health Psychologists: Thinking Outside the Psychology Department and Clinical Practice
Amanda Mia Marin-Chollom, MA, Mphil & Matthew Jasinski, MA

Mentoring Spotlight: Health Psych Connections FAQs
Zeeshan Butt, PhD

From the Student Council Representatives
Lisa Auser-Gussman, Jennifer Warnick, & Megan Grigsby

Early Career Professionals Corner: “What Am I Worth?”
Vaneeta Sandhu, PsyD