Fall 2017 Issue

The Health Psychologist: Fall 2017 Table of Contents
Volume 39, Issue 3


President’s Column
Justin M. Nash, Ph.D.

From the Editor’s Desk
Adrienne A. Williams, Ph.D.

Member Contributions

Peer-Recommended Resources

Early Career Professionals Corner: To Consult or not to Consult?
Monika Parikh, Ph.D.

Health Policy Corner – Complexity in Health Care – Redefining Our Approach to Policy
Benjamin F. Miller, Psy.D.

Keeping Up with Technology: Use of Telehealth to Increase Mental Health Services to Veterans

Paying Closer Attention to Microaggressions and Their Consequences
Jason J. Ashe, M.Div., Th.M., Taylor M. Darden, M.A., & Danielle L. Beatty Moody, Ph.D.

The Role of Health Psychology in Chronic Pain Management
David Cosio, PhD, ABPP

Advice on Applying for Internship

Highlights from the Rally for Medical Research
Dawn K. Wilson Ph.D.

News from the Society for Health Psychology

Student Advisory Council
KayLoni Olson

Teaching Health Psychology: How is it Taught and What Do Health Psychologists Need for Their Pedagogical Practice?

News from APA
Ronald Rozensky, Ph.D., ABPP, Elizabeth Klonoff, Ph.D., ABPP

Health Psych Connections Spotlight
Joshua C. Eyer, Ph.D.

Call for Proposals for the 2018 APA Annual Convention

Society for Health Psychology 2017 Awardees

Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology by an Early Career Professional
George M. Slavich, PhD, (introduction by Michael R. Irwin, M.D.)

Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology by a Senior Professional
Sue J. Curry, PhD, (introduction by Dawn Wilson, PhD)

Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Health Psychology
Patricia Robinson, PhD (introduction by Jeffrey T. Reiter, Ph.D., ABPP & Anne C. Dobmeyer, Ph.D., ABPP)

Cynthia D. Belar Award for Outstanding Contributions to Education and Training in Health Psychology
Elizabeth A. Klonoff, PhD (introduction by Kim Dixon, Ph.D., ABPP)

Nathan W. Perry Award for Career Service to Health Psychology
Robert M. Kaplan, PhD, (introduction by Dawn Wilson, Ph.D.)

Graduate Student Research Awards

Travel Awards for Outstanding SfHP Poster Presentations