ECP’s don’t miss this Interactive Training on Leadership @ Convention


Early Career Psychologists Leading Psychology: Your Vision, Opportunities, and Next Steps

APA Convention 2018

Saturday, August 11, 9 – 11:50 am

Free Session. First 2 hours- Presentation.  Last hour is Q&A, Small Groups.

San Francisco – Moscone Convention Center, Rooms 20 & 21

Early Career Psychologists (ECPs, within 10 years of graduation) are currently in or aspire to leadership roles in a range of professional settings and organizations, as well as APA and state psychological association governance. This interactive, skill-building program will focus on leadership issues, opportunities, challenges, skills and training, with the last hour for questions and practice.

Topics are from a 2017 survey by APA on leadership training priorities among ECPs. Diverse presenters across the career trajectory have expertise in leadership training, experience with leadership in professional settings and organizational governance, excellent teaching skill, and the ability to address diversity issues affecting leadership.

Session Leaders:

  • Dr. Helen L. Coons, APA Board of Directors and founding chair (2007-2014) of the APA Leadership Institute for Women In Psychology, will review next steps towards leadership identity and goals for ECPs.
  • Dr. Sandra L. Shullman, Executive Development Group, will discuss transformative and collaborative leadership models.
  • Dr. Zeeshan Butt, Northwestern School of Medicine and President of Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers, will present leadership challenges for ECPs in health settings.
  • Dr. Frank Worrell, University of California, Berkley and APA Board of Directors, will review diversity issues in leadership roles in university settings.
  • Dr. Melba J.T. Vasquez, former APA President, will present on ethical leadership.
  • Dr. Susan H. McDaniel, former APA President, will discuss flipping the hierarchy: ECPs mentoring senior leaders.
  • Dr. Tyson Bailey, Chair of CECP, and Dr. Lindsey Buckman, President of Division 31 and Chair of CAPP, will describe leadership paths in APA and SPTAs.
  • Dr. Eddy Ameen, Associate Executive Director, Early Career and Graduate Student Affairs at APA, will facilitate Q&As in the third hour. ECPs will then be invited to participate in interactive small group discussions on leadership topics.

Brought to you by: APA Office on Early Career Psychologists, the APA Committee on Early Career Psychologists, Division 31 (SPTA), Division 12 Section VIII (APAHC), Division 17 (Counseling), and Division 38 (Health).

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