Congratulations to APA Award Winner

Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology

Katherine B. Ehrlich

University of Georgia (Health Psychology)

Citation: For outstanding research that elucidates how children’s social relationships affect their physical health. Katherine B. Ehrlich’s innovative research brings together insights from multiple sub-areas of psychology, including health, developmental, and social, to address questions of great importance for public health and human development. Her studies are characterized by sophisticated theory, rigorous methodology, and impressive creativity. Her theoretical and empirical work is already leaving a substantial mark on the field and paving the way for an integrative biosocial science of human development.

The Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology recognizes excellent psychologists who are at early stages of their research careers (up to 10 years after receiving their doctorates). The award, which was first made in 1974, is currently given to scientists in five specific research areas each year. A total of ten research areas are considered, with each area covered in alternating years.

Best Congratulations, Katherine!

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