Spring 2020 Issue

The Health Psychologist: Spring 2020 Table of Contents
Volume 42, Issue 1

From the President
(Why) Would I Ever Want to Do That?
Zeeshan Butt, PhD

Conversation Corner
Neutralizing the Weight of Our Biases
Jessica L. Lawson, PhD

Rare Diseases and Disorders
Functional Neurological Disorders: Forging a Path Forward for Patients With Disabling Symptoms
Kathrin LaFaver, MD

Interdisciplinary Corner
Partnering Up to Ease Chronic Pain: A Physical Therapy and Health Psychology Experience
Jennifer Walker, PT, DPT

The Voice of Early Career Psychologists
It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Developing Healthy Habits for a Sustainable Career
Marchion Hinton, P.h.D., LP

From the Editor’s Desk
Welcome to the Spring Issue of The Health Psychologist
Valeria Martinez-Kaigi, PhD, M.Sc.

Clinical Highlight
Points of Intervention for Health Psychology Along the Cardiovascular Health Continuum
Allison J. Carroll, PhD

A Word from the Student Advisory Council
Self-Care and Mental Health in Graduate School
Jessica Naftaly, M.S.

New Health Psychology Publications
New Publications

News From the SfHP
2020 Society for Health Psychology Candidate Statements