Spring 2021 Issue

Spring 2021 Issue
The Health Psychologist: Spring 2021 Table of Contents
Volume 43, Issue 1

From the President
A Letter From the President
Dr. Helen L. Coons

The Voice of Early Career Psychologists
SOS: Asking for Help as an ECP
Courtney McCuen-Wurst, PsyD, LCSW

From the Editor’s Desk
What’s Inside
Valeria Martinez-Kaigi, PhD, MSc  

Clinical Highlight
Insomnia Assessment and Treatment is an Essential Competency for Health Psychologists
Jessee R. Dietch, PhD

Research Highlight
A Chronic Disease Researcher’s Takeaways from “Health Psychology in the Time of COVID”
Ali A. Weinstein, PhD

Interdisciplinary Corner
Developing a Workplace Ally: From Friendship to Social Justice
Krithika Malhotra, PhD and Margaret Smith, MD

News From the Society for Health Psychology
Vote: 2021 Society for Health Psychology Candidate Statements
21 Benefits from your 2021 Membership
129th APA Annual Convention