Health Research Council

The purpose of the Health Research Council is to promote health psychology research, contribute to the development of future health psychology investigators, and ensure that the SfHP remains a recognized leader in health psychology research.

Student Research Awards

The primary way the council achieves its purpose is by granting student research awards. Two types of awards are granted. One is the Student Research Award, which funds research for which a student is the principal investigator, usually dissertations. Each year we grant five Student Research Awards. The second type is a Student Travel Award. Student Travel Awards go to the three highest rated student submissions to the APA annual convention. Awards are announced publicly at the SfHP business meeting at the APA annual convention.

More information about student research awards, including a listing of past recipients, can be found here.

HRC Activity

The Health Research Council endeavors to encourage research to generate knowledge in health psychology. The Council also promotes high standards of ethical conduct in health psychology research. The Health Research Council encourages research by:

  • Providing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.
  • Acquiring and publicizing relevant funding, ethics and knowledge transfer information for the discipline. Publicizing new or surging areas of research in health psychology.
    Note: Publicizing funding information and promising areas of research is generally done by arranging for the publication of announcements or articles in The Health Psychologist, on the SfHP website, and through the Society’s listservs. Also, refer to APA’s latest database of measures PsycTESTS.
  • Providing an expanding list of resources for researchers to successfully obtain funding and conduct excellent research.
  • Provide strategic recommendations to the SfHP Executive Committee regarding research directions. This may include recommending eminent researchers for expert panels when requested, serving as the source for review processes, or for input on research-related matters brought to the Society.  For example, we are currently assisting the newly formed APA Panels for developing treatment guidelines for obesity and PTSD.
  • Liaising with other APA and SfHP committees as appropriate (e.g., convention program chair; including the Society’s journal, Health Psychology; as well as the newly formed Center for Psychology & Health).


Stephanie Fitzpatrick (ECP)

Chair Rush University Medical Center, Department of Preventive Medicine

Ali Weinstein


Jamie Cvengros


Michelle Broaddus

Research Communication Liaison

Renee Magnan

Early Career Professional Liaison

Currently Vacant

Diversity Council Liaison

Miriam Kelty

Researcher on Call Series Leader

Mary Amanda Dew


Addie Fortmann


Stacy Ogbeide

Member (ECP)

Kimberly Driscoll

Member (ECP)

Lawrence Perlmuter


Tessa Hart


Kathleen Torsney


Elizabeth Seng

Member (ECP)

Deborah Ragin


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