Student Advisory Council

Society for Health Psychology

Council Focus

The Student Advisory Council works to foster training and professional development opportunities for students, provide resources for undergraduate and graduate students interested in health psychology, and promote the student voice in SfHP matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a student member of SfHP. How do I get more involved?

There are several ways to get involved with SfHP.

One way is to become a campus representative, and be the liaison between SfHP and your campus (see below for more information).

You can also become a student member of SfHP and join the listservs to get information about SfHP webinars, local events, and events at APA.

How do I get involved in the Student Advisory Council?

Student Advisory Council Members are nominated by current SfHP members when positions arise. Typically, Student Council Members serve 2-year terms and nominations are sought each fall.

Currently, the Student Advisory Council Chair Elect is picked by the current President-Elect of SfHP. The Chair-Elect becomes Chair during the year of the SfHP president who picked him or her.

Campus Representative Program

Campus Representatives act as liaisons between SfHP and their graduate program by forwarding e-mails from the Student Advisory Council and hosting a sponsored event that promotes health psychology. Becoming a Campus Representative is a great leadership opportunity for all graduate students interested in health psychology.

Applications for new Campus Representatives are sent out every summer via the SfHP student listserv.

Student Membership Benefits

Are you a student interested in Health Psychology and want to learn more about what the Society for Health Psychology offers? Watch the brief videos below!

Elise McKelvey, PsyD

Noelle Mastrili, MS

Danielle Miller, MS

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Student Resources

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Council Members

  • Rafael Leite
  • Alexandra (Ali) Ozmeral
    Chair Elect
  • Noelle Mastrili, MS
    Past Chair
  • Dori Polovsky
    Membership Council
  • Nicholas Powers
    Communications Council
  • John Sy
    Diversity Council
  • Gabriel Medianero Araúz
    Education & Training Council
  • Toby Dresdner
    Health Research Council
  • Dominic Ysisdron, MS
    Clinical Health Services Council
  • Jan Mooney
    Health Advocacy & Policy Council