Consultation-Liaison Psychology Interest Group

Society for Health Psychology

Group Focus

The mission of the Consultation-Liaison Psychology (CLP) Interest Group is to provide a professional hub for Society for Health Psychology members to obtain consultation about function and flow of CL services in different locations, offer networking opportunities, promote research collaborations, offer professional development resources, and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration for health psychologists and other behavioral health providers providing consultation-liaison services in healthcare settings.


We aspire to enhance access to quality health care through advocacy, innovation, and education of current and future psychologists, the general public, and the larger healthcare system about the benefits and importance of consultation-liaison psychology.


The goals of the Consultation-Liaison Psychology IG are to enhance training and education, cultivate professional development, and inspire outcome-based clinical care and innovative applied research initiatives.

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Interest Group Leadership

  • Aimee Cruz, PsyD
  • Anastasia Bullock, PsyD
  • Emily Pickenpaugh, PhD
    Early Career Professionals Representative
  • Lauren Bigham, PhD
    Awards Committee Designate
  • George Scott, PhD
  • Sara C. Bertoch, PhD
    Website Committee Designate
  • Brett Simpson, PsyD
  • Joanna Yost, PhD, ABPP
  • Madeline Marks, PhD