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Group Focus

The mission of the Health Psychology in Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group is to extend the expertise of Health Psychologists in the field of Lifestyle Medicine. This includes the development of a professional network of Health Psychologists interested in contributing to Lifestyle Medicine, advocacy for the expertise of Health Psychologists and the rich science produced within Behavioral Medicine, and to serve as a collective of experts who might further contribute to interdisciplinary and intra-organizational collaborations.

Primary Goals:

We aim to achieve our mission through the following goals:

  1. Promote Awareness and Advocacy: Promote awareness and advocate for 1) the role of Clinical Health Psychologists in the Lifestyle Medicine space, 2) career development opportunities such as obtaining board certification in Lifestyle Medicine through the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and/or certification in Nutritional Psychology under the Center for Nutritional Psychology (CNP).
  2.  Promote Networking and Collaboration: Promote continued conversations between Clinical Health Psychologists and Lifestyle Medicine professionals to distinguish the role psychologists can play in the Lifestyle Medicine space and navigate collaboration. This includes carving out guidelines and limitations of our scope of practice. This also includes identifying similarities and differences between the established organizations with overlapping missions and interests (e.g., American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Society of Behavioral Medicine) and determining how psychologists may contribute a unique skill set. 
  3. Promote Best Practices: Provide a forum for psychologists to communicate around practice issues and limitations, and learn ways to integrate within Lifestyle Medicine teams. Help develop strategies and set objectives to integrate lifestyle medicine knowledge into clinical practice and enforce the role psychologists play in the Lifestyle Medicine space. 
  4. Promote Training Within Sub-Interest Groups: To accommodate the main topical areas of health behavior expertise, sub-interest groups will be established and include Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, Social Connection, Stress Management, and Substance Use.


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