International Research & Collaboration Interest Group

Society for Health Psychology

Group Focus

The International Research & Collaboration Interest Group focuses on supporting global health psychology research.

Our Mission

  • To build relationships and collaborations between SfHP and other international behavioral health-focused organizations.
  • To create opportunities to foster the success of international trainees and scholars in the field of health psychology.
  • To serve as a home for US health psychology investigators interested in international collaborations.
  • To serve as a point of collaboration for international health psychology investigators.

Health and Behavior International Collaborative (HBIC) Award

Along with other organizations, this award is co-sponsored with SfHP’s Health Research Council.  Please visit their page for more information.

Interested in joining the International Research & Collaboration Interest Group?

Connect with health psychologists

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining our committee! We welcome everyone from students to seasoned professionals.


Interest Group Leadership

  • Ronald R. O’Donnell, PhD
  • Qian Lu MD, PhD
    Past Chair
  • Krystal Warmoth, PhD
    Associate Chair
  • Molly Brady, PhD
  • Courtney Barry, PsyD
    Awards Subcomittee Chair
  • Joshua Wiley, PhD
    Early Career Professionals Council Liaison
  • Patricia Moreno, PhD
    Diversity Council Liaison
  • Shinye Kim, PhD
    Diversity Committee Liaison
  • Lingjun Chen, PhD