About SfHP

Society for Health Psychology

Our Mission, Our Values

The Society for Health Psychology seeks to improve the lives of individuals and society by promoting health, preventing illness, and improving health care through research, practice, education, training, and advocacy.

The Society for Health Psychology strives to:

  • Advance psychology’s role in understanding health and illness through research and integrating biomedical and psychological knowledge.
  • Promote education and services in health psychology.
  • Inform the psychological, biomedical, and general communities about current research and service activities.

We foster collaboration among psychologists interested in the psychological aspects of health and illness, providing resources, networking opportunities, and professional growth. Our focus is on promoting quality research to inform clinical practice. As an integral part of APA, we emphasize the importance of psychology in advancing human wellness. Although our membership is primarily composed of psychologists, we welcome new members from all backgrounds, recognizing their potential contributions to our collective knowledge.

As health psychologists, we engage in academic research, professional practice, and education in community, clinical, occupational, and acute healthcare settings. Our field continues to grow in importance as interest in the interplay of biology, environment, and behavior on health increases. We work to promote healthy lifestyles, manage chronic diseases, prevent illness, and provide rehabilitation services, integrating psychological theory and research for the well-being of our patients.