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About SfHP Fellowships

Learn about what it means to be a Fellow in SfHP and the process to apply.

What is an SfHP Fellow?

Fellow status is an honor bestowed upon APA members who have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology. Fellow status requires that a person’s work has had a national impact on the field of psychology beyond a local, state or regional level.  Fellows are nominated by their division and reviewed by APA. An individual can be a Fellow in multiple divisions.


Why Become a Fellow?

Obtaining Fellow status may help support your professional reputation, strengthen your resume/CV and even help you obtain promotions or pay increases in your workplace.


What is the Process?

The application begins with an online application with three letters of support.  The SfHP Fellows Committee will review that application and forward their recommendations to the APA Membership Committee, whose recommendations are confirmed by the APA Council of Representatives at each APA Convention.

Please note that first-time Fellow applicants must use the APA Portal for submitting materials – including letters of endorsement – all by December 15 of each year. This system allows nominees, endorsers and division Fellows chairs to submit all required documents online.

Please visit the APA Fellows webpage for more information and to access the online system. (If you need help accessing the platform or have any questions, please contact Sonja Wiggins in APA’s Central Office at 800-374-2721 or email

Because of the rigid timetable for reviewing and processing applications, there will be no extensions to this deadline for first-time applicants. Nominees whose applications are incomplete as of the deadline will not be considered further in the current year, but will have the opportunity to reactivate their applications in the future.

The final outcome of applications for Fellows will not be known until after the annual APA Convention (in the year following the deadline). Shortly after the APA Convention, SfHP will notify new Fellows of their status.  APA membership status will change at the start of the next calendar year.


Already a Fellow in Another APA Division?

Please contact the SfHP administrative office for a “Current Fellow” application. Do not use the APA online portal. You will be asked to prepare a thorough self-statement describing your accomplishments in health psychology, and to provide a current CV. Endorsers are not needed.

All “Current Fellow” applications are due to the SfHP administrative office on/before December 15.

Have Questions?

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