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Call for Papers: Reverse Translation

Health Psychology is launching an ongoing special series on Reverse Translation: Bridging the Practice-to-Research Gap to focus attention on ways that patients, practitioners, and other stakeholders can inform research goals in health psychology and behavioral medicine. Click here for more details.

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Call for Papers: SGM Health Inequities

Health Psychology is launching a special issue focused on health inequities among sexual and gender minority (SGM) communities with a specific focus on mechanisms, interventions, and implementation. Click here for more details.

Deadline: February 15, 2024

Editor’s Choice


Longitudinal associations between gut microbiome diversity and emotional well-being.

Sung-Ha Lee, Xyle Ku, Hyun-Seok Oh, Yeonjae Jung, Jongsik Chun, Incheol Choi

Emerging research has illuminated the intricate interplay between the gut microbiome and mental health. Yet, the temporal dynamics of this relationship have received limited attention. This study offers insights into the connection between emotional well-being and gut microbiome diversity over time, uncovering a positive short-term correlation while not identifying a sustained longitudinal link.

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Low early life socioeconomic status and susceptibility to the common cold in adulthood: The moderating role of negative affective reactivity.

Yeon Sik Jang, Phoebe Lam, & Jessica Chiang

Early socioeconomic disadvantage increases risk for poor health across the lifespan, but some individuals may be more vulnerable than others. Current study results showed that socioeconomic disadvantage during childhood and adolescence was associated with greater susceptibility to developing a cold after viral exposure among participants who had greater negative affect responses to stress. These findings underscore the importance of considering factors that may increase sensitivity to the influences of socioeconomic disadvantage on health and have potential implications for informing prevention and intervention efforts.

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Changing medication-related beliefs: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Elizabeth Sheils, William Tillett, Delyth James, Sarah Brown, Charlotte Dack, Hannah Family, & Sarah C.E. Chapman

This review advances the field through highlighting techniques that can lead to a change in medication beliefs and as a consequence improved adherence. The meta-analysis indicated that beliefs regarding the necessity of medication and concerns about medication are modifiable. Importantly, it showed that these beliefs are strongly associated with medication adherence. Specific behavior change techniques that led to a significant change in medication belief were identified. These findings advance the field of medication adherence highlighting which techniques are most likely to be effective.

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Meet the Editor

Dr. John M. Ruiz discusses the new editorial team, their vision for the journal, and emerging opportunities for engagement.

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