International Relations Committee

Our Mission:

–To build relationships and collaborations between the Society for Health Psychology and other international behavioral health-focused organizations.

–To create opportunities to foster the success of international trainees and scholars in the field of health psychology.

–To serve as a home for U.S. health psychology investigators interested in international collaborations.

–To serve as a point of collaboration for international health psychology investigators.


Committee Members:

Qian Lu MD, Ph.D, Chair


William Tsai, Ph.D, ECP Associate Chair


Allison Carroll, M.S., Student Council Liaison


Jessica (Jessee) Dietch, M.S.,  Social Media


Lara Traeger Ph.D, ISBM Liaison


Zina Trost Ph.D,  Past Chair


Joshua Wiley, Ph.D, Health Research Committee Liaison


Courtney Barry, Psy.D, ECP Liaison & Award Subcommittee


Jennifer Hsia, Ph.D


Molly Brady, Ph.D, Convention Programming

Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award Application

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Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award Application

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