Membership Council


Membership Council

Our mission is to recruit new members to the Society, as well as to retain current members and facilitate their involvement in the Society.

Membership Council
We believe that psychologists interested in health psychology will benefit from involvement in the Society throughout their careers. We are, therefore, dedicated to serving our membership across the professional spectrum, from student and early career professionals, to mid-career and senior health psychologists. We welcome involvement, ideas, and feedback regarding how we can better serve members.

Fellows Committee
The Fellows Committee, a constituent Committee of the Membership Council, reviews all candidates for fellowship status in the Society. In the case of Members being nominated for Fellowship in the Society for Health Psychology, evidence must be presented of unusual and outstanding contributions to the discipline of Health Psychology. All candidates for Fellow must be endorsed by at least one Fellow of the Society. Complete instructions for applying for Fellow status are available here.

Recent Activities
The Membership Council continues to work on several different initiatives, including:

  • Increasing participation in the “Congratulate Your Graduate”initiative
  • Increasing awareness of the benefits of membership
  • Increasing the diversity of members
  • Increasing local networking events, even if by Zoom. Local networking events should continue. If members are interested in hosting networking events, please contact the Membership Committee Chair, Rashelle Hayes. A manual and template for hosting these networking events are available upon request.

Membership Types

Professional Member
Members, Associates and Fellows of the APA may join the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) at the reduced annual rate of $75.00. The Society recommends distinguished members as Fellows, an honorary designation.

Professional Affiliate
Psychologists, physicians, and professionals from related health disciplines can become affiliate members of SfHP without belonging to the APA at the annual rate of $85.

International Affiliate
Health Psychologists living and working outside the United States or Canada may apply as International Affiliate members of SfHP at a reduced rate of $30.00. International Affiliates may/or may not be APA members.

Student Affiliate
Students in psychology, nursing, medicine, and related fields are eligible to become members of SfHP, whether or not they are student members of the APA, at the annual rate of $30.00.

How to Become a Member or Renew Membership

There are several ways to apply for membership:

To pay by check and to join only D38 (SfHP) without APA Membership download this application and mail application and check.

Download SfHP Membership Application

You may also apply for membership online here. You will be transferred to the APA payment site where you will be given several payment options. If you have any questions please contact APA Division Engagement Office at 202-336-6013. Dues are payable in U.S. dollars and are subject to change.

Apply to the "Congratulate your Graduate" Membership Benefit

The Society believes that newly-trained health psychologists should consider the Society for Health Psychology as one of their primary professional communities.

To this end, graduate students whose dissertation advisor or co-advisor is a member of SfHP will be eligible for, upon completion of their degree, a free year of professional membership in the Society for Health Psychology for the next membership year.

Internship and postdoctoral fellowship supervisors may also congratulate their “graduates” as they complete their specialty training!

To request a nomination form or ask any questions about how to “Congratulate your Graduate” – please contact the SfHP Administrative Office at

Benefits of Joining

The Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) welcomes new members to our organization, trusting our mutual relationships will benefit our discipline as well as those we serve. As we work to improve our patients’ lives and to further our professional development, we need access to the latest research, forward-looking ideas, and an array of resources. SfHP membership brings a collection of benefits, ranging from publications to specialized programs.

Affiliated with the American Psychological Association, SfHP is a community primarily comprised of Health Psychologists. Our members develop vital professional contacts within this community, advancing their networks and resources. Additionally, members are encouraged to become active participants of our Division’s interest groups.

As a member, you also receive:

  • The APA Journal Health Psychology, published monthly, at a reduced rate
  • The SfHP Official Publication: The Health Psychologist, issued three times annually
  • Opportunities for special recognition through our SfHP Award programs
  • Access to up to 11 SfHP general and topic-specific LISTSERV discussion groups, which include Integrated Primary Care, Women’s Health, and Pain Psychology, among others.
  • An invitation to Health Psychology themed teleconferences and webinars, including our new free CE programming
  • Professional networking opportunities, such as through our Connections program
  • Rebate of your initial ABPP application fee, once you successfully complete the board-certification process in Clinical Health Psychology
  • Job opportunities frequently posted on the list-serv and other resources on the SfHP website

We hope you consider joining SfHP! See below to learn what members are saying about their reasons to join.

“I joined SfHP to affirm my identity as a health psychologist and to be part of the community of health psychologists and so that, through my efforts as a member, I can help ensure that this community is there to support future generations of health psychologists.”
Alex Rothman, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, College of Liberal Arts; Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota

“I joined the Society for Health Psychology to widen my network of professionals and other students in health psychology, particularly by attending events hosted by Division 38, and to stay up to date on news, trends, and events in the world of health psychology.”
Hannah Holmes, Graduate Student, Wayne State University

“I have been a Clinical Psychologist for 35 years and after 30 years of practice I came to the realization that Health Psychology was the future of Psychology. I joined the Society of Health Psychology to give support to the APA Division (38) that has made such a positive change in my professional and personal life.”
Linda P. Erlich, Ph.D., Private Practice

“As the lone psychologist in my department in an academic medical center, I needed to find a professional home that recognized my unique role while connecting me with other professionals in my discipline.”
Andrea Bradford, Assistant Professor, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

“SfHP has helped me meet people within my areas of interest, the listserv has been helpful for my research, and the webinars have been on cutting-edge topics.
Bob Kerns, Professor, Yale University and VA Connecticut

“Membership is consistent with my professional identity.”
Belinda Borrelli, Professor, Boston University


Rashelle B. Hayes, PhD

Daniel Meadows, PsyD

Noelle Mastrilli, MS
Student Liaison

Katie Ehrlich, PhD

David Latini, PhD

Aimee Cruz, PsyD

Virginia Andersen, PhD
Associate Chair