Publications & Communications Committee

The Publications and Communications Committee (P&C) is responsible for developing and managing the different strategies the Society uses to communicate about health psychology to both members and non-members.

At present, the P&C is responsible for overseeing the following communication sources: Health Psychology (the Society’s scholarly journal), The Health Psychologist (the Society’s newsletter), the SfHP website, and SfHP listservs. The P&C also works to maintain a record of the Society’s history and to preserve a record of important division events.


To join an SfHP listserv send an email to Indicate the list(s) you wish to join, your preferred email address, and your full name.

Society for Health Psychology listservs:


Jerry Suls

P&C Council Chair

NCI Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences

Adrienne A. Williams, PhD

Publications and Communications

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Anne Kazak

Journal Editor, Health Psychology

University of Pennsylvania

Jessica Barber

Co-Editors, SfHP Website

VA Connecticut Healthcare System–West Haven

Ken Wallston

SfHP Historian

Kristin Schneider

Social Media Committee

Rosalind Franklin University

Ranak Trivedi

Co-Editors, SfHP Website

VA Palo Alto Health Care System

Steven Hardy

Co-Editors, SfHP Website

Children's National Health System

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