Integrated Primary Care Interest Group

Mission: The Integrated Primary Care Interest Group (IPC IG) of the SfHP supports the professional advancement of integrated primary care psychology.  Activities include promoting program and research development, expanding and extending access to training and educational resources, providing employment guidance for early career psychologists, advocating to overcome challenges in practice management, facilitating interdivisional IPC collaborative efforts across APA, and addressing the needs of underserved populations through IPC.


  1. Education and Training:
  • Support training and professional development needs of psychologists and allied professionals for integrated primary care
  • Advance development and dissemination of the FREE Graduate School Training Curriculum intended to jumpstart student exposure to IPC
  • Promote standards, guidelines, competencies, and certification processes that strengthen and advance the clinical and professional practice of integrated primary care
  1. Program and Research Development:
  • Encourage, support and guide research efforts that contribute to the growing body of evidence for IPC
  • Support development of IPC business models and practice management resources
  1. Diversity:
  • Develop and promote education related to underserved populations and IPC
  • Support efforts to further develop cultural competencies among allied health professionals as they are related to the unique practices and research of IPC
  • Promote and extend research investigating models of integrated care in addressing the needs of under-served populations
  • Address chronic diseases among underserved populations when facing a natural disaster
  • Advocate for the inclusion and advancement of minority and diverse professionals within IPC
  1. Advocacy and Collaboration Efforts:
  • Promote opportunities for advocacy on behalf of IPC psychologists at the state and national levels to support the universal provision of IPC
  • Develop and strengthen collaborative relationships with other APA divisions and councils working in the area of integrated primary care
  • Collaborate on efforts to advance the science and practice of IPC with other organizations such as Society for Behavioral Medicine (SBM) IPC SIG and Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA)




  • New resource! Securing a Job in Integrated Primary Care: Tips, Tricks, and Other Helpful Information: SfHP IPC 2020-EmploymentResourceGuide
  • The Integrated Primary Care Psychology Curriculum continues to expand! (
  • The Practice Management subcommittee is advocating for broader implementation and universal reimbursement of measurement-based care.
  • A subgroup has assembled to begin identifying initiatives related to addressing underserved populations.
  • Works in Progress (WIPS)
    • Established by SBM IPC ISG and in collaboration with CFHA and the SfHP IPC IG – Our Works in Progress (WIPs) teleconference series is a place to ask questions about your project and get answers from our IPC experts. Projects can be at any stage of ideas or development. This a non-judgmental, non-evaluative forum for our IPC community to collaborate, problem-solve, and share different ideas and perspectives, in order to improve the projects, we are doing.
    • Some of the Experts have included: Jodi Polaha, Mark Vogel, Bill Sieber, Jeff Goodie, Patti Robinson, Katie Kanzler, and Rodger Kessler
    • Past topics of discussion have included:
      • ways to balance open access with scheduled follow-ups
      • how to conduct a program evaluation across multiple clinics in rural areas
      • how to collect research data without burdening patients or disrupting clinic flow
      • strategies for communicating with primary care providers
    • If you would like to present your project, please contact: Cerissa Blaney, PhD ( or Jennifer Funderburk, PhD (

IPC Leadership Team:

IG CHAIRS: Barbara Ward-Zimmerman, PhD; Nancy Ruddy PhD

Early Career Associate Chairs: Cerissa Blaney, PhD; Katie Rider Mundey, PhD

Student Representative: Olivia Zech, MA

**If you are interested in joining the IPC IG, please email:**

Resource Guide

Securing a Job in Integrated Primary Care: Tips, Tricks, and OtherHelpful Info:





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