Student Council

The Student Council works to promote the Student Affiliate voice in Society matters. This is accomplished through two avenues. First, members of the Student Council are assigned to relevant SfHP Councils or Committees based on interests, representation, need, and relevance to student issues. Second, the Student Council promotes training and professional development, such as by by organizing programs at the Annual Meeting.

Campus Representative Program

The CRP page lists all campus representatives and describes how to get involved.

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Graduate Student Awards

Check out this page for information relevant to student awards.

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To find out more information about the student council, read the FAQs.

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Student Council Members

Lisa Auster-Gussman, B.A.

Student Council Past Chair University of Minnesota, Social Psychology
Psychology Research interests:

Health behavior change and intervention (i.e. diet, smoking cessation), self-regulation, weight management, and body image

Jennifer Warnick

Student Council Chair B.A. University of Florida, Clinical Health Psychology Clinical/Research
Psychology Research interests:

Pediatric psychology

Megan Grigsby

M.A. UC-Denver, Clinical Health Psychology Clinical/Research Past Student Council Chair
Psychology Research interests:

Cardiovascular health and religion/spirituality within couples; Clinically: Promotion of health behaviors in children, adolescents, and families

KayLoni Olson

Communications M.A., The Ohio State University, Clinical Psychology
Psychology Research interests:

Psychosocial correlates of health behavior (e.g., diet, exercise, sleep), interventions for healthy living, and comprehensive behavioral interventions for comorbid health conditions

Maisa Ziadni

Communications M.S. Wayne State University, Clinical Health Psychology
Psychology Research interests:

Health psychology, chronic illness and pain, emotion-focused interventions

Matthew Jasinski

Diversity M.A. Wayne State University, Clinical Health Psychology
Psychology Research interests:

Health psychology interventions, chronic low back pain, chronic kidney disease, stress and coping

Amanda M. Marin-Chollom

Diversity M.A. The Graduate Center, CUNY, Health Psychology and Clinical Science
Psychology Research interests:

Impact of culture, race, and ethnicity on coping and adaptation to chronic illness; impact of chronic illness on family; health disparities

Jessica (Jessee) Dietch

Membership B.A., B.F.A. University of North Texas, Clinical Health Psychology
Psychology Research interests:

Insomnia, behavioral sleep medicine, health psychology, and cardiovascular disease

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