Campus Representative Program

The Campus Representative program is sponsored by the SfHP Student Council and is designed to increase inclusion and engagement of students across graduate programs that have a focus in health psychology.

Campus Representatives act as liaisons between SfHP and their graduate program by forwarding e-mails from the Student Council and hosting a sponsored event that promotes health psychology. Becoming a Campus Representative is a great leadership opportunity for all graduate students interested in health psychology. Applications for new Campus Representatives are sent out every summer via the SfHP student listserv.

If you do not see your school represented below or your school has an open Campus Representative position, please contact to learn how your school can get involved for the next school year!



  • Student Advisory Council Campus Representatives

  • University/Program
    Campus Rep
  • University/Program Albizu University (Clinical)
    Campus Rep Estefanía Texidor
  • University/Program Alliant International University- San Francisco Bay Clinical Psychology
    Campus Rep Saba Ahmadi
  • University/Program Arizona State University
    Campus Rep Steven Marsiglia
  • University/Program Columbia University - Teacher's College
    Campus Rep Malavika Godha
  • University/Program CUNY (Clinical)
    Campus Rep Kara Buda
  • University/Program East Carolina University (Clinical Health Psychology)
    Campus Rep Anne Sorrell
  • University/Program Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology/Yeshiva University (Clinical/Health)
    Campus Rep Sarah Fishman
  • University/Program Florida Institute of Technology (Clinical)
    Campus Rep Devyn Varner
  • University/Program Fordham University (Clinical)
    Campus Rep Laura Polacek
  • University/Program Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (Clinical)
    Campus Rep Sarah Rogers
  • University/Program Kean University (School/Clinical)
    Campus Rep Emily Sauer
  • University/Program Kent State University (Experimental)
    Campus Rep Nicolle Simonovic
  • University/Program La Salle University (Clinical PsyD)
    Campus Rep Elise McKelvey
  • University/Program Mercer University (Clinical)
    Campus Rep Kayla Killingsworth
  • University/Program Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
    Campus Rep Esther Yoon
  • University/Program Nova Southeastern University, PsyD, Clinical Psychology
    Campus Rep Megan Dann
  • University/Program Old Dominion University
    Campus Rep Jennifer Shipley
  • University/Program Ponce Health Sciences University (Clinical)
    Campus Rep George Scott
  • University/Program Rowan University PhD in Clinical Psychology
    Campus Rep Nicole Kelso
  • University/Program Spalding University (PsyD)
    Campus Rep Sydney Black
  • University/Program St. John's University (Clinical)
    Campus Rep Luke Keating
  • University/Program Suffolk University, Clinical Psychology
    Campus Rep Hannah Robins
  • University/Program The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington DC Campus Clinical Psychology
    Campus Rep Bryant Sigler
  • University/Program The New School for Social Research, Clinical
    Campus Rep Deniz Kocas
  • University/Program University of Alabama at Birmingham (Clinical/Medical)
    Campus Rep Daniel Kusko
  • University/Program University of California - Irvine (Psychological Science/Health Psychology)
    Campus Rep Shauna Simon
  • University/Program University of California -Riverside; Social and Personality Psychology
    Campus Rep Melissa Wilson
  • University/Program University of Colorado - Denver (Clinical Health)
    Campus Rep Christianne Biggane
  • University/Program University of Georgia (Counseling/Health)
    Campus Rep Julie Langan
  • University/Program University of Kentucky (Counseling)
    Campus Rep Alyssa Clements-Hickman
  • University/Program University of Louisville, Clinical Psychology
    Campus Rep Valery Bodziony
  • University/Program University of Miami (Clinical Health)
    Campus Rep Rafael Leite
  • University/Program University of Michigan- Dearborn; Clinical Health Psychology
    Campus Rep Lindsey Bookman
  • University/Program University of South Alabama Combined-Integrated Clinical & Counseling Psychology
    Campus Rep Jennifer Barinas
  • University/Program Wright State University
    Campus Rep Diana Santullano

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