Annual Convention


Annual Convention


As you know . . . NOW is the TIME to begin preparing your submissions to the SfHP/D38 Program for the 2024 APA Convention in Seattle!

A few CRITICAL changes from last year, for your consideration as you plan . . .

1) ALL sessions will be a maximum of 50 minutes (that's right:  NO 110-minute symposia!).  Please keep your proposals to 2-3 presenters - plus your chair/moderator - to allow time for questions/interaction.

2) If you are conceiving a collaborative event (e.g., between SfHP Councils/Committees/Interest Groups) - limit the collaborations to TWO groups per event.  Keep the topic focused to appeal equally to both groups.  Also consider the wider appeal to other APA divisions or meeting attendees (keep in mind that most APA convention attendees are students/ECPs with introductory/intermediate-level training in Health Psychology).

3)  SfHP will ONLY review submissions for IN-PERSON presentation (no "virtual-only").  However, all accepted presentations will have the opportunity to upload content to the APA Virtual Program for post-convention distribution.

4) Strong preference is given to submissions that include:

       a) CE-eligible content (see APA instructions for information required for CE consideration)

       b)  Agreement to be considered for the APA "IMPACT" Note that selected programming will appear in BOTH the APA "IMPACT" sessions and in the SfHP program.

       c) Agreement to be considered for APA Science Summit These are co-listed sessions, highlighted by APA and presented within the D38 program.

5)  Multiple AWARDS for outstanding submission are planned (in Seattle) - and a full, virtual SfHP Awards Ceremony for the entire Society will take place soon after convention . . . be recognized!  Share the opportunities for recognition with your students/colleagues!  Submit by the deadline!!!

ALL SUBMISSIONS (including those generated by SfHP Councils/Committees/Interest Groups) must be completed by 5:00 pm Eastern on January 10, 2024.  No extensions are permitted.

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