APA Convention 2020: Going Virtual

Highlights for SfHP Members

APA’s 2020 Annual Convention will be held virtually this year due to concerns related to COVID-19. “Going Virtual” has resulted in many changes. Following are many things to know:

Registration for “APA 2020 Virtual” opened July 1.  Individuals may register by going to the APA 2020 Virtual web site at:



  • Sessions will all be virtual, mainly prerecorded, and shortened (25-30 minutes)

  • The Main Stage Events will occur 11 am to 12:30 pm EST on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The APA Presidential Address is scheduled on Saturday 1-2 pm EST

  • Convention registration cost is greatly reduced:

    • APA member, fellow, associate, APA community college teacher affiliate, APA international affiliate: $50 (originally $315)

    • APA student affiliate, APAGS member, APA high school teacher affiliate: $15 (originally $100)

    • Nonmember Full-time student: $30 (originally $195)

    • Nonmember of APA: $75 (originally $495)

  • Registration will give you access to Convention materials for 12 months

  • Reduced offering of CE!! Division symposia will not be CE-eligible through the APA Convention site. APA Convention site states “CE Workshops will be converted from the 4- and 7-hour live format to 2.5-hour webinars” so CE opportunities will be greatly reduced

  • Poster presentations will be uploaded in .pdf format in the searchable portal

Already Registered?

  • On Thursday, August 6 at 10:30am ET, everyone can access the event from There will be a button on the homepage for you to click

  • All Division sessions and posters will be available on the platform beginning at 11:00am ET on Thursday for viewing on-demand until August 1, 2021. Sessions and posters can be searched by Division and sorted by subject index code.  Searches by names of participants and by key words are also possible

  • The APA events, including the Main Stage events, Keynote Speakers, & Science Lecturers, that are listed on the APA agenda will be released for viewing at the times/days indicated. Since we are continuing to update the convention web site with new details, we hope that you check the site regularly – – and click on the “Attend” button for new information. The APA events will be available on demand after the convention

Society for Health Psychology programming available through the APA Convention Portal:


Session Title

Session Chair

Approaches to Palliative Care, Death, and Dying

Michelle Tan, PsyD

Pain and Somatization In 2020: Explaining and Treating ‘Medically Unexplained’ Conditions

Daniel Bruns, PsyD

How to Get Involved in Health Policy

Kristen E. Riley, PhD

Adult Pre-Surgical Psychosocial Evaluations in Health Settings

Maria M. Olex, PsyD

Fatigue in Chronic Illness: Exploration of Measurement and Mechanisms

Ali A. Weinstein, PhD

Leveraging Technology to Address Health Behaviors and Health Risks among At-Risk Populations

Jasmine Manalel, PhD

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