Spring 2018 Issue

The Health Psychologist: Spring 2018 Table of Contents
Volume 40, Issue 1


President’s Column
Justin M. Nash, PhD

From the Editor’s Desk
Adrienne A. Williams, PhD

Member Contributions

Peer-Recommended Resources: Psychology Podcasts
Compiled by Jessica Naftaly, MS

Early Career Professionals Corner: Defining Your Strengths and Areas for Growth as an ECP
Stephanie Hooker, PhD, MPH

Student Advisory Council: Letters to a Pre-Scientist
KayLoni Olson

Keeping Up with Technology
Sacha McBain, MS

Get That Foot in the Door: A Partnership Guide to Health Psychologists in Cancer Care
Ryoka Kim, PhD, LP, Erin O’Connor, PhD, LP, & Scott Nyman, PhD, LP, ABPP

Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Hypertension Management:
An Initial Pilot in Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration

Aaronson Y. Chew, PhD, David Talavera, M.A., AnnaMarie Vu, M.A., Kate Zona, PhD, & Jean M. Bakey, DO

News from the Society for Health Psychology

2018 Candidate Statements

Annual Convention Preview
Stephanie L. Fitzpatrick, PhD

Women’s Interest Group

A Day with Professor Albert Bandura
Dawn K. Wilson, PhD

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