Education & Training Council


Education & Training Council

The Education & Training Council is interested in illustrating choices, education and training issues and career options, and the many different (and personal) roads to Health Psychology.
The Education and Training Council promotes high-quality education and training in Health Psychology at the graduate, internship, and postdoctoral levels. The council also is supportive of continuing education for Health Psychologists and for those interested in the field.


The members of the Education and Training Council currently represent doctoral programs with varying emphases and perspectives (e.g., clinical and non-clinical programs, research-focused and scientist–practitioner, and professional programs).


Question #1. What are the graduate training options in health psychology?

Question # 2: What kinds of experiences should I be looking for as an undergraduate, graduate student, or postdoctoral student?

Question # 3: What kind of debt can I expect to incur to obtain my graduate training, and what are starting salaries for psychologists? Are there options are available to help me repay my debt?


Crystal Park, PhD; Chair

Maria Anastasiades, PsyD; ECP Associate Chair

Shawn M. Bediako, PhD, MPA

Yelena Chernyak PhD, DBSM

Layne A. Goble, Ph.D.

Matthew Henninger, Ed.M.

Sylvia Malcore, PhD, ABPP

Danielle Miller, MS (she/her)

Madhu Suresh, PhD

Alyssa Vela, PhD

Peggy Zoccola, PhD